Tips for Twin Hills Country Club Course

  • Free lift from all gardens & all wood chipped trees
  • Free lift from all cart paths & maintenance roads
  • Free lift from all stone ditches & wash out areas
  • All hazards are marked / Red – Yellow & O.B.
  • One club length relief from all 150 yd.  Poles.  (Please do not remove)
  • All  yardage  markers  are  measured  to  the  center  of  the  greens. * 100 – 150 – 200
  • Drop area on Hole #9 if your ball is on the cart path. (White Painted Circle Between Greens)
  • Players may remove stones from bunkers/ No Penalty..
  • Parking lot is O.B.
  • Flags
    • Red  flags   * front
    • White  flags   * middle
    • Blue  flags   * back
  • COURSE  INFO   (From the Middle of the Tee Boxes)
    • 3rd.  HOLE  from the  bell  to  the  front  edge of  water  measures  183  yds. (you  will  get  some  roll)  PLAY  SMART!
    • 5th.   HOLE 210yds. to the middle of the bunker * appox. 165 to landing *
    • 7TH.  HOLE  from  the middle  tee  box  to  the  middle  of  the  fairway  is  219yds.
    • 10th.  HOLE from the middle of the tee box to the Base of the tree measures 175yds.
    • 14th.  HOLE from the middle of the tee box to the far edge of the brook measures 185yds.
    • 17th.  HOLE from the white tee box to the middle of the fairway measures 220yds.
  • Water Jugs on 3rd. – 6th. – 7th. –  12th. – 15th. – 16th.
  • Rain Shelters on  * 4th./16th. – 5th./15th.  8th. 13th./14th. *
  • Restrooms on 4/16th. hole and 11/13th. hole

Please FIX ALL BALL MARKS ON THE GREENS and Please re-place all DIVOTS!
Please Keep Up With the Group In Front Of You!